The first match out resulted in Nairn Dunbar comfortably progressing into the semi-final with an emphatic win over Deeside 1 by 8 holes. 

The game between Fortrose & Rosemarkie and Murcar was a close affair, with the first pairing of Fortrose winning by 2 holes, which was enough and they advanced to the semis. 

The match between Nairn Dunbar 2 and Inverness 2 resulted in Nairn Dunbar 2 first pairing winning 4 up and they progressed despite their second pair losing by 2 holes. Both pairings from The Nairn 1 team done enough for them to complete the semi-final line up.

The first semi-final was a closely contested affair between Nairn Dunbar 2 and Fortrose & Rosemarkie. The first match finished all square, however Dunbar’s second pairing of Graeme Robin and Charlie Duffy ran out winners by 2 holes to make the final.

The second semi-final was more of a one sided affair with the second pairing of The Nairn 1 easy winners by 4 holes that set up a comfortable win for The Nairn 1. 

Tomorrow’s final will be contested by teams representing Nairn Dunbar 1 and The Nairn 1.


Quarter Final

Nairn Dunbar 1 bt Deeside 1 by 8 Holes

K Donnely, Denis Elder 5, S Cruickshank, Dick Willox 0; C Duffy, Graeme Robin 3, T McAllister, A Ross 0.

Fortrose & Rosemarkie bt Murcar by 1 hole

D Simpson, Gary Moore 2, A Fiddes, Derek Allan 0; Robbie MacKay, B Smith 0, D Allan, B Holbrook 1,

Nairn Dunbar 2 bt Inverness 2 by 2 holes

I Duncan, D Bunker 4, W Hutchison, Jim Rogers 0; Brian Ford, K Campbell 0, J MacAulay, P Sinclair 2.                                 

The Nairn 1 bt Royal Dornoch1 by 3 holes

Robert Smith, George Asher 2, R Taylor, D Pearson 0; P Tomisson, W Morrice 1, J Christie, D MacDougall 0.


Semi Final

Nairn Dunbar 1 bt Fortrose & Rosemarkie by 2 holes

K Donnely, Denis Elder 0, D Simpson, Gary Moore 0; C Duffy, Graeme Robin 2, Robbie MacKay, B Smith 0.

The Nairn 1 bt Nairn Dunbar 2 by 6 holes

Robert Smith, G Asher 2, Ian Duncan, D Bunker 0; P Tomisson, W Morrice 4, Brian Ford, K Campbell 0.

Please see the results of Rounds 1 and 2

This year’s Seniors Northern Counties Cup was played at Nairn Dunbar Golf Club, where the normal format of Foursomes, has due to Government restrictions been replaced by a Four-ball better ball format. The morning matches started with rain showers and a freshening breeze.

Moray had a comfortable win over Strathpeffer by 8 holes. The first pairing of Boat of Garten gave them an excellent start winning by 6 holes against Golspie, and the first pairing from Deeside 2 won by 5 holes, and their second pair lost by 5 holes, however Deeside won at the 20th.

Nairn Dunbar 1 progressed to the Q Finals beating Inverness 1, where Dunbar player Graeme Robin had a hole in one at the 15th. Fortrose & Rosemarkie, Murcar and Nairn Dunbar 2 are through to the Q Finals. Inverness 2 ran out big winners at the expense of Eriskay Whisky Galore.


Round 1

Moray bt Strathpeffer by 8 holes

G Murray, Kenny Harrison 5, S Kennedy, J Foot 0; B Stewart, Neil Stables 3, J Garrow, S MacKenzie 0.

Fortrose & Rosemarkie bt Duff House Royal by 4 holes

D Simpson, Gary Moore 3, Ian Angus, Mike Jenkins 0; Robbie MacKay, Bruce Main 1, D Clark, Alfie Smith 0.

Murcar bt Elgin by 4 holes

A Fiddes, Brian Smith 4, Jock Royan, A McGregor 0; Derek Allan, B Holbrook 0, Iain Hamilton, Ken Fraser 0.

Boat of Garten bt Golspie by 4 holes

Gordon Hay, Tom Burns 6, A MacDougall, M Bonner 0, James Grant, Ken Aitken 0, W MacBeath, J Oliver 2.

Deeside 2 bt The Nairn 2 at 20th hole

S Ritchie, M Allan 5, P Saggers, M Macleod 0; K Ingram, Gary Ross 0, Ian Cooper, Patrick Sylvester 5.

Deeside Won at 20th


Round 2

Deeside 1 bt Brora by 2 holes

A Fraser, Tony Gill 0, S Cruickshank, Alan Ross 0; Norman Elliot, Charlie Tulloch 0, T McAllister, Dick Willox 2.

Nairn Dunbar 1 bt Inverness 1 by 8 holes

L Chancellor, Forbes Mellis 0, K Donnely, Denis Elder 6; D Alcock, Eric Brown 0, C Duffy, Graeme Robin 2.

Fortrose & Rosemarkie bt Moray by 2 holes

G Murray, K Harrison 1, D Simpson, Gary Moore 0; W Stewart, Neil Stables 0, Robbie MacKay, Bruce Main 3.

Murcar bt Boat of Garten by 4 holes

A Fiddes, Brian Smith 2, Gordon Hay, Tom Burns 0; Derek Allan, B Holbrook 2, James Grant, Ken Aitken 0.

Nairn Dunbar 2 bt Deeside 2 by 5 holes

S Ritchie, M Allan 0, Ian Duncan, David Bunker 3; K Ingram, Gary Ross 0, Brian Ford, Kenny Campbell 2.

Inverness 2 bt Eriskay Whisky Galore by 14 holes

Willie Rusk, E Morrison 0, W Hutchison, Jim Rogers 7; G Cameron, Hong S Tan, 0, J MacAulay, P Sinclair 7.

Royal Dornoch 1 bt Turriff by 9 holes

Mike Singer, Ellis Duguid 0, R Taylor, D Pearson 6; Ian Singer, Jim Chalmers 0, Jim Christie, D MacDougall 3.

The Nairn 1 bt Royal Dornoch 2 by 1 hole

Stuart Sim, K Fraser 0, Robert Smith, George Asher 4; Peter Lee, K MacGillivary 3, P Tomisson, W Morris 0.