Promoting Fair Play and Competitive Excellence

Northern Counties Cup

Rules and Regulations

 Promoting Fair Play and Competitive Excellence

1. Eligibility: The Northern Counties Cup competition is open to all Golf Clubs from the following Counties:

Aberdeen, Banff, Caithness, Inverness, Kincardine, Moray, Nairn, Orkney & Shetland, Ross & Cromarty, and Sutherland.

2. Delegate Club Membership:

Any Golf Club interested in becoming a Delegate Club and participating in the Northern Counties Cup can do so by paying an entry fee of £25, granting them the privilege of sending a Delegate to represent their Club.

3. Delegate Clubs: 

The esteemed Delegate Clubs participating in the Northern Counties Cup are as follows:

  • Brora Golf Club
  • Muir of Ord Golf Club
  • Cruden Bay Golf Club
  • Murcar Golf Club
  • Deeside Golf Club
  • Nairn Dunbar Golf Club
  • Duff House Royal Golf Club
  • Nairn Golf Club
  • Elgin Golf Club
  • Orkney Golf Club
  • Golspie Golf Club
  • Peterhead Golf Club
  • Inverness Golf Club
  • Royal Aberdeen Golf Club
  • Moray Golf Club
  • Royal Dornoch Golf Club
  • Tain Golf Club

4. Annual Delegate Meetings:

Delegates shall convene annually on the Wednesday preceding the competition to discuss the upcoming tournament and consider any proposed changes to the rules. The appointed Secretary will maintain meeting minutes and handle general competition-related matters.

5. Secretary Appointment:

The Delegates will appoint a Secretary responsible for maintaining the minutes, coordinating communications, and overseeing administrative tasks related to the competition.

6. Annual Competition:

The Northern Counties Cup tournament takes place in September each year. The Secretary, in conjunction with the hosting Club, will determine the specific date of the competition. The Secretary will ensure timely distribution of play dates and entry deadline notices to all Clubs and the Press.

7. Rule Amendments and Proposals:

Clubs seeking to propose new rules, modify, or abolish existing rules must submit their proposals in the form of a Resolution. These resolutions will be discussed and voted upon during the Annual Delegate Meeting. To pass, a resolution requires a two-thirds majority vote from the Delegates present, with at least three Delegates participating. Notice of proposed resolutions must be provided to the Secretary in writing three weeks prior to the meeting, who will promptly transmit copies to the eligible Clubs.

8. Team Participation:

Each Club in the aforementioned Counties can send one team comprising FOUR Home-based players to represent their Club in the Annual Tournament for the Cup. If fewer than 40 teams participate, Clubs have the option to enter a second team. In the event of more than 40 entries, a ballot will be conducted by the Secretary of the Delegates and representatives from two Delegate Clubs to determine the participating second teams. Each Club is required to pay an entry fee for each team, the amount of which will be determined at the Annual Delegate Meeting. Should a team be balloted out of the draw, the entry fee will be refunded.

9. Team Registration:

The names of each team’s home-based players must be submitted to the Secretary of the Delegates at least one week prior to the competition. Team selection must be finalized and submitted to the Secretary before the start of the tournament. No changes to the team composition are allowed, except under special circumstances. Any substitute player must not have played in the Club’s other team entered in the competition.

10. Tournament Format:

The Northern Counties Cup Tournament is conducted as a Foursomes Competition, with one club pitted against another, as determined by the draw. The previous year’s winner and runner-up will be seeded. Matches will be decided based on the combined score of the two matches, with the Club accumulating the most holes emerging as the winner. In the event of a tie, the couples will continue to play until one Club gains an advantage.

11. Cup Custody and Engravings:

The winning Club shall have custody of the prestigious Northern Counties Cup for one year. The Club’s name, along with the names of the four players and the competition venue, will be engraved on the Cup, commemorating their achievement.

12. Compliance with Golf Rules and Local Regulations:

The Northern Counties Cup competition adheres to the Rules and Regulations of Golf approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Additionally, the tournament is subject to any local rules specific to the Course on which the competition takes place.

13. Competition Committee:

A Committee consisting of the host Captain, host Secretary, and the Secretary of the Delegates is authorized to address any controversial matters that may arise during the course of the competition, ensuring fair play and resolving disputes in a timely and unbiased manner.

Northern Counties Cup

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